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At this event, you and your employees will gain a foothold in the topic of the Metaverse and be informed and educated about it. You have exclusive access to all 20 stations and the installed technology. You will get to try out and learn about various applications of virtual reality in any given context. Moreover, you will receive a crash lecture on the Metaverse from one of our experts. Upon request, we are happy to organize catering for you! This offer suits companies looking to extend their activities into the Metaverse and organizations planning an educative and modern team event. The price consists of the 3-hour advanced offer for groups of 5 or more employees of your organization. Includes the following: - 20 Metaverse 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 experiences can be seen and tested in an exhibition with the latest tools. - Exclusive access for 5 or more employees of your organization. - Presentation about the Metaverse from one of our experts. - Personal guidance through the stations by experts on site. - Catering upon request.


University of St.Gallen
Institute of Retail Management (IRM-HSG)
Gottlieb Duttweiler Lehrstuhl
Dufourstrasse 40a
CH-9000 St.Gallen
+41 71 224 28 56

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Katharina Ruschmann

Dufourstrasse 40A,
9000 St.Gallen,

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